Current Projects

Shear, S.B., Sabzalian, L., & Snyder, J. (In progress). Rhetorics of recognition and erasure: Indigenous citizenship and sovereignty in U.S. civics and government standards (A national study of K-12 state standards).

Shear, S.B., Ward, A., Kuby, C.R., & Christ, R.C. (In progress). Entanglements With(in) the Review(er) Machine: How Can We (Re)View If We Are B(l)ind(ed)? (A collaborative conversation in writing about doing the work of peer review differently in academic publishing).

Hawkman, A.M., Shear, S.B., Rodriguez, N.N., & Vickery, A. (In progress). Of Time Travel and Talking Horses: American exceptionalism and other narrative concerns in the Rush Revere Series.