Current Projects


Refereed Journal Articles

Shear, S.B. & Hawkman, A.M. (Under review). “They’re dressed like regular people”: Critical race media literacy in elementary teacher education.

Varga, B.A. & Shear, S.B. (Under review). Flows of anti-colonialism: (Re)Configurations and emplotments of more-than-witness(es/ing) in the an(thropo/glo)cene.

Parts of Books

Turtle Island Social Studies Collective. (In press). The future of social studies is Indigenous. In A.E. Vickery & N.N. Rodriguez (Eds.), Critical race theory and social studies futures: From the nightmare of racial realism to dreaming out loud. (Social Studies Education). Teachers College Press.

Shear, S.B. & Sabzalian, L. (Accepted). Settler social studies: On disappointment and hope for the future. In E.W. Ross (Ed.), The social studies curriculum: Purposes, problems, and possibilities (5th Edition). State University of New York Press.

Shear, S.B. (Accepted). Mobius’s rhizome. In Varga, B.A., Monreal, T., & Christ, R.C. (Eds.). Be(com)ing strange(r): Towards a posthuman social studies. Teachers College Press.