Current Projects

Shear, S.B., Sabzalian, L., & Snyder, J. (In progress). Rhetorics of recognition and erasure: Indigenous citizenship and sovereignty in U.S. civics and government standards (A national study of K-12 state standards).

Shear, S.B. & Hawkman, A.M. (In progress). “They’re dressed like regular people”: Critical race film literacy in elementary teacher education (A study of elementary preservice teachers’ engagement in an elective methods course).

Christ, R.C., Kuby, C.R., Shear, S.B., & Ward, A. (In progress). (Re)encountering A Thousand Plateaus: Producing 1000 Trail(ing)s (A collaborative conversation in writing about qualitative research method(ologies) and theories).

Helmsing, M., & Shear, S.B. (In progress). Whose “American” story: Two self-studies of unsettling national myths and civic identities in university classrooms (A collaborative self-study of critically-oriented higher education teaching).