Current Projects


Shear, S.B. (In progress). Settler social studies: Tracing the blueprint of supremacist ideology across K-12 state standards.

Refereed Journal Articles

Shear, S.B. & Hawkman, A.M. (In progress). Not just (WWII) Nazis: Anti-Semitism, white supremacy, and the curriculum problem of U.S. heroism.

Turtle Island Social Studies Collective. (In progress). Realizing rematriation in social studies.

Parts of Books

Shear, S.B. (In progress). Walking on a tightrope: Challenges and opportunities for settler colonial theory in social studies education research. In B. Varga & E. Adams (Eds.), Always-already on the lookout: Searching for, enacting, and storying theory in social studies education.

Hawkman, A.M., Rodríguez, N.N., Perkins, A., & Shear, S.B. (In progress). Of Pilgrims and propaganda: Critically exploring conservative narratives of Thanksgiving in historical fiction by Rush Limbaugh.

Varga, B.A. & Shear, S.B. (Under review). Flows of anti-colonialism: (Re)Configurations and emplotments of more-than-witness(es/ing) in the an(thropo/glo)cene.