Welcome! This site is dedicated to sharing my work in K-12 social studies, qualitative method(ologies), and teacher education. For a printable version of my CV, please email me at sbs5180@psu.edu.

About me:

Sarah Shear PicI am an assistant professor at Penn State University-Altoona, where I teach courses on social studies education, education foundations, and U.S. history. I also advise masters and doctoral students in social studies education at Penn State University-University Park.

I earned my doctorate in learning, teaching, and curriculum from the University of Missouri in 2014 with an emphasis in social studies education and Indigenous studies. My work examines race/ism and settler colonialism in K-12 social studies curriculum (specifically state-mandated standards and textbooks representations of Indigenous peoples and nations), teacher education, film, and thinking with critical race, settler colonial, and poststructural theories as disruptive qualitative methodology.