Hawkman, A.M. & Shear, S.B.(In progress, Under contract). Marking the invisible: Articulating whiteness in social studies education. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. Anticipated 2019.

book coverShear, S.B., Tschida, C.M., Bellows, E., Brown Buchanan, L., & Saylor, E.E. (Eds.). (2018). (Re)Imagining elementary social studies: A controversial issues reader.Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. Available in hard- and paperback at

Endorsement: “(Re)imagining Elementary Social Studies is a timely and powerful collection that offers the best of what social studies education could and should be. Grounded in a politics of social justice, this book should be used in all elementary social studies methods courses and schools in order to develop the kinds of teachers the world needs today.” — Wayne Au, Professor, University of Washington-Bothell, Editor, Rethinking Schools