Merchant, N.H., Shear, S.B., & Au, W. (Eds.). (2022). Insurgent social studies: Scholar-educators disrupting erasure & marginality. Myers Education Press. 

Available in electronic and paperback at Myers Education Press

Praise for the book:

“Why and how social studies education has continued to fail to serve as a curriculum of humanity and justice for all children is laid bare by Insurgent Social Studies: Scholar-Educators Disrupting Erasure and Marginality. Neither natural nor inevitable, social studies that serves the status quo of white settler supremacy is always promoted by those who benefit from it. In this unapologetically insurgent book, the most important scholar-educators of our time name the beneficiaries of this system and guide us to take back the curriculum that has harmed our children and communities for far too long. Join the struggle. The time for insurgency is NOW!” —Dr. Sohyun An, Professor of Social Studies Education, Kennesaw State University 

“The call for a more radical social studies has been clear since even before the field’s existence.  Insurgent social studies is building from the radical tradition of scholars and teachers from historically and systemically excluded backgrounds who have used the classroom to challenge how humanity is defined. For the editors and authors of this book, they seek not for approval or permission from the social studies establishment, which for far too long has straddled the fence with those who want power and exhibit hegemony. The book forces us to rethink and reconsider what is social studies education. Insurgent outlines an ideological and pedagogical revolution with teachers, students, professors, and parents.  The time is not to surrender or curtail from political pressure but to continue to do what is right for our children and citizens alike. Insurgent social studies will be a timeless classic that will influence social studies education for many years.” —Dr. LaGarrett J. King, Associate Professor, Social Studies Education and Director, Center for K-12 Black History and Racial Literacy Education, University at Buffalo

Insurgent Social Studies: Scholar-Educators Disrupting Erasure and Marginality is a powerful and timely volume on Critical Social Studies Education. The authors of this book provide a diverse assortment of chapters, all seeking to theorize, conceptualize and challenge majoritarian stories told about history education and social studies as a whole. This book is a must-read for all educators inside and outside the academy committed insurgent pedagogy.” —Dr. Anthony Brown, Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction and the Center for African and African American Studies, University of Texas, Austin

Hawkman, A.M. & Shear, S.B. (Eds.). (2020). Marking the “invisible”: Articulating whiteness in social studies education. Information Age Publishing.

Available in electronic, hard- and paperback at Information Age Publishing and Amazon

Praise for the book:

“As the theorization of race and racism continues to gain traction in social studies education, this volume offers a much-needed foundational grounding for the field. From the foreword to the epilogue, Marking the “Invisible”foregrounds conversations of whiteness in notions of supremacy, dominance, and rage. The chapters offer an opportunity for social studies educators to position critical theories of race such as critical race theory, intersectionality, and settler colonialism at the forefront of critical examinations of whiteness. Any social studies educator researcher concerned with the theorization or teaching of race should engage with this text in their work.” —Christopher L. Busey, University of Florida

“Marking the “Invisible” is a critical examination and exploration of whiteness in theory, practice, materials, and spaces in the social studies. The depth and breadth of the topics included in this volume make it not only an excellent introduction to whiteness, but a deep dive into the ways whiteness is revealed in the most fundamental components of social studies. This volume is a must-read handbook for scholars, teachers, and students in the field. It is also an excellent catalyst for understanding and change.” —Sherry Marx, Professor, Utah State University, Author of Revealing the Invisible: Confronting Passive Racism in Teacher Education

“Hawkman and Shear’s new volume Marking the “Invisible”covers a lot of ground—curriculum, content knowledge(s), NCSS, teacher education, identity, privilege, and race consciousness. They have assembled a collection that forces us to examine the power of whiteness and what it means in social studies. This much needed work represents a relatively new path in social studies education—one that takes seriously the power of whiteness and how social studies education is taught, enacted, learned, and experienced. This work is timely and necessary and will fast become a go-to volume for scholars and practitioners in the field.” —Prentice T. Chandler, Dean & Professor, Eriksson College of Education, Austin Peay State University

Shear, S.B., Tschida, C.M., Bellows, E., Brown Buchanan, L., & Saylor, E.E. (Eds.). (2018). (Re)Imagining elementary social studies: A controversial issues reader. Information Age Publishing. 

book cover

Available in hard- and paperback at

Praise for the book: “(Re)imagining Elementary Social Studies is a timely and powerful collection that offers the best of what social studies education could and should be. Grounded in a politics of social justice, this book should be used in all elementary social studies methods courses and schools in order to develop the kinds of teachers the world needs today.” —Wayne Au, Professor, University of Washington-Bothell, Editor, Rethinking Schools